Why I won’t work a developer job anymore

There is so much in this YouTube video that resonates with me. I think developers are getting a bad deal. I’ve worked on some software that is still selling billions of dollars worth of sales per year long after I’m gone. I’ve built from the ground up software that processes millions and millions of dollars in transactions every day and I have nothing to show for it. When I talk with other developers about this stuff they just shrug and I feel like I am going out of my mind. I am glad Joshua posted this.

Your company is not your “family”. HR departments are lying to your face about who they are and what they do. You’re too easily tricked by stupid gimmicks like pool tables and bean bag chairs to worry about what really matters like the fact that while you make a good 6 figure salary, your code once written can be sold indefinitely and you don’t see any of that. Don’t get me started on how ‘stock’ is supposed to be the solution there… do you even know how much of the company you own? Do you even know if you have common shares or preferred shares? Do you even understand the difference? Ever notice how none of the investors are getting woken up at 3am by a fucking robot (Pager Duty)? How about the executives, are they on call? How about the directors? Who’s life are you saving that you are on call like a doctor? Are you getting paid like a doctor?

I too am “salty” and never want to work for someone else ever again doing software.

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