Extroverted Developer #3 - Jared Parsons

On this week’s episode Ben and I talk with Jared Parsons, a lead developer at Microsoft working in Developer Tools division (Visual Studio). Author of the very popular (and free) VsVim extension for Visual Studio 2010 and #10 on Stackoverflow in total rep.

Show Notes:

  • In this show we talk about VsVimthe hugely popular free extension that adds Vim bindings to Visual Studio 2010 (written in F#).
  • We talk about Vim vs Emacs a bit.
  • Social coding and github
  • Stackoverflow and Jared’s rise to, at one time, #4 in the SO ranking.
  • Gamification of helping others
  • Value of code comments
  • Dynamic vs static typing
  • What’s the correct level of abstraction?
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts

Pro Tips:

  • Jared: git stash (as mentioned on hearding code #132)
  • Jim: Visual Studio Multi-targeting
  • Ben: f.lux

Shameless name drops:



Extroverted Developer #3 - Jared Parsons