In software, every programmer is familiar with a file called README. It’s the file that tells you how to use the software, how to configure and install it, etc. This used to be just a plain text file that was bundled with the source code, but now days READMEs have come much farther spurred on by the adoption of the README as the main entry point for github projects and supporting more advanced technologies like Markdown to give you graphics and formatting.

The purpose of this site is to bring this idea from the computer programmer wold into the business world as a Management README. The idea is to create a document that describes how you work best. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you prefer to drop by or send an email (communication style)? It also gives you a place to collect all the hard won lessons you’ve learned over the many years of your career. Different than a resume that merely states what you’ve accomplished, this is a place for long form pros about your philosophy of work and the wisdom you’ve earned.

Tech Stack

.Net Core 2.1
AspNet Core 2.1
C# 4


A crazy simple python web server and javascript chat client that enables group chat over the LAN via a browser. Intended for use when security policies or politics or whatever get in the way of using IRC or Hipchat and such. Also intended to only be used on a Local Area Network (LAN) due to the lack of security features.

I wrote this as a hacker chat room, so it has a few interesting features for coders:


  • Syntax highlighted and formatted code

  • Easy sharing of images and files via drag and drop (screen shots, memes, reaction gifs)

  • Coming soon: plugin architecture for even easier extension



Tech Stack

Python 3.0

Open Price Map

Open Price Map is a collaborative bargain hunting tool for local prices.