Extroverted Developer #7 – Sean Cribbs

This week Ben and I talk with Basho developer Sean Cribbs about NoSQL and how they write software.

Show Notes

  • Riak
  • Amazon’s Dynamo Paper
  • Riak is really good for cloud storage
  • LAMP pretty much scales horizontally vs Microsoft’s big iron approach
  • Voxer is probably the biggest deployment of Riak
  • How do you work effectively remotely?
  • Chatrooms:Hipchat, Campfire and Hubot
  • Agile Zen for ensuring you have a pull based workflow
  • Differences in culture re: work hours between west and east coast
  • Distributed version control workflow
  • Sean’s Coder Wall
  • Common pitfalls when moving from SVN to git
  • GitHub: Code comments start to matter more when they’re public 🙂
  • GitHub Flow
  • How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub
  • conflict between Open Source vs Proprietary features
  • How do you do Continuous Integration with GitHub?

Pro Tips

  • Sean: git submodules, or How to use github to API documentation
  • Ben: Dropbox feature: Packrat and Events feed