Extroverted Developer #17 – 2TonStudios

This week Ben and I talk with indy game developer 2TonStudios about their new iOS game: Ninjaboy

Show Notes

  • Why program video games?
  • Performance and how video games are the indy 500 of programming
  • Carmack’s Keynote
  • Optimizing the challenge curve.
  • Why choose Unity?
  • Tried MonoTouch and MonoGame for the initial port from Windows Phone 7
  • How’s the $0.99 price point working? (no longer first marketing, we took too long to get the show out)
  • How much does marketing play a role?
  • Why is the price point so low for iOS games, when DS games are ~$30?
  • Can’t pay for updates? Use In App Purchases
  • How should people start? Should they try and get into digipen?

So go download it!