Must See Tech Talks

I was super happy when this link was passed around the office and I had, in fact seen the majority of these talks.  They are almost exactly the same list I would have created so definitely check it out

The Fun ones are particularly hilarious!

I would include any talk by Jeff Hawkins on machine intelligence if you’re interested in that topic such as this one

I actually went to the Numenta Hackathon last month and will have a blog post/podcast about that hopefully soon.  It was awesome. Enjoy!

Announcing MockingJay


A crazy simple python web server and javascript chat client that enables group chat over the LAN via a browser. Intended for use when security policies or politics or whatever get in the way of using IRC or Hipchat and such. Also intended to only be used on a Local Area Network (LAN) due to the lack of security features.

Basically I want to use Hipchat at work, but due to information security policies we can’t use external services. Sad panda.  So I wrote this.. extremely easy to install, no database required No Redis install (looking at you Hubot).  But with great features for programmers:


  • Syntax highlighted and formatted code
  • Easy sharing of images and files via drag and drop (screen shots, memes, reaction gifs)
  • Coming soon: plugin architecture for even easier extension




Git p4 alias on Windows

Because this information is apparently not available anywhere on the internet I’m going to write it here:

git config —global alias.p4 !‘“C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\”’

Please note that it’s single quote, then double quote, and closes double quote, single quote

Or inside your .gitconfig this is what it should look like:


p4 = !’C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\’

This is with git 1.7.10.msysgit.1, on Windows 7 x64. YMMV on other configurations.

Extroverted Developer #4 – Megan Isaak

This week we explore the world of graphics and web design with CityMaps own Megan Isaak. It’s late this week because we had some more audio issues during the recording and it took extra time to get it into its current state :-/

Show Notes:

  • We talk about the differences between graphics designers and web designers
  • Career path for todays designers
  • Working with designers and developers, what’s the ideal process?
  • Where can I code?  A Wiki map I setup in response to a NYC ruby mailing list asking this question.


  • Megan: Have good passwords
  • Megan: Google Webmaster Tools
  • Jim: Google Docs
  • Ben: Pentotype



Extroverted Developer #4 – Megan Isaak


I’ve wanted to do a podcast since the term was coined, but I’ve never managed to find someone else who was willing to co-host with me or I was never able to narrow in on a topic that had enough content and I was very passionate about.  But that has all changed.