Extroverted Developer #5 – Rachel Appel

This week we talk with Microsoft’s Rachel Appel, a developer evangelist for web technologies. An area where Microsoft has arguably had some challenges attracting developers to their stack.

Show Notes

What is an evangelist?
ASP Class vs WebForms vs ASP MVC
Do Evangelists still get to code?
Silk Project, a model application for learning how to do ASP MVC.
Please make deployment better for ASP MVC
Deploying with TFS vs Git
Hosted TFS in the cloud
Give Camp
Startups and Microsoft technologies
Issues with using OpenID
Attracting web developers to the Microsoft Stack via cloud
Get free Visual Studio Professional: Website Spark, BizSpark, DreamSpark
Are software developers putting outselves out of work?
Will software developers be replaced before house builders?
Writing software is essentially like translating from english, and thus we’re getting very close to being able to talk with your computer and having it translate into C. With Google Translate/Voice Commands and Siri
Why aren’t OSS devs just writing their own pay apps?
Speaking of science fiction: Which augmentation are you going to get?
Hilarious:Reverse Craigslist Troll
How did you get into programming? (a: video games)
Code Camp People: Y U NO START LATER IN DAY?
Bacon Roses

Shameless Name Drops