Extroverted Developer #12 – Jonathan Baker

This week Ben and I talk with Director of Mobility Evangelism at SAP, located in our nations capitol, about mobile database technologies and software engineering.

Show Notes

  • Sybase acquisition by SAP.
  • Mobile databases and small footprint databases.
  • SAP making a play on Oracle.
  • Do you still get to code?
  • Building mobile application development is just beginning for many enterprises.
  • What are the main challenges for dealing with enterprise and mobile?
  • How does the iPhone play with enterprise customers?
  • Microsoft tried multiple times to bring out bring out a tablet but can’t seem to get it working
  • The future of mobile operating systems on full PCs and Laptops.
  • Ben: The merge of mobile and desktop computing has been a great boon to UI design.
  • UI design takes as much time as designing your system, algorithms and data structures.
  • Developers vs DBAs.
  • There’s no more debugging in ‘prod’ on mobile devices.
  • The internet isn’t always on as much as we’d like it to be, and as such we need to store data locally for when there’s no connectivity.
  • Software as a profession, do we need accreditation like lawyers and doctors?
  • Many companies have tried this, A+, MCSE, IEEE and ACM certs, etc.
  • Ben: Ultimately it all comes down to hiring, you wouldn’t hire a surgeon because he said he could do it.
  • Managers need to read The Mythical Man Month (9 people can’t have a baby in 1 month)
  • The App store model will make us all compete on software quality
  • fun discussion of Uber and how it’s disrupting old business models



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