Extroverted Developer #5 – Rachel Appel

This week we talk with Microsoft’s Rachel Appel, a developer evangelist for web technologies. An area where Microsoft has arguably had some challenges attracting developers to their stack. Show Notes: What is an evangelist? ASP Class vs WebForms vs ASP MVC Do Evangelists still get to code? Silk Project, a model application for learning how […]

Episode #1

This is the first episode of a new series Tech and the City Extroverted Developer hosted by Jim Wallace and Ben Gundersen. Being that this is the first podcast I’ve ever recorded and produced, there’s probably audio issues, additional ums and ahs that I didn’t edit out correctly and other issues with the quality in general. […]


I’ve wanted to do a podcast since the term was coined, but I’ve never managed to find someone else who was willing to co-host with me or I was never able to narrow in on a topic that had enough content and I was very passionate about.  But that has all changed.