Must See Tech Talks

I was super happy when this link was passed around the office and I had, in fact seen the majority of these talks.  They are almost exactly the same list I would have created so definitely check it out The Fun ones are particularly hilarious! I would include any talk by Jeff Hawkins on […]

STEM Shortage

tl;dr There’s no shortage of engineers in this country. All my life I have heard about the incredible shortage of engineers in the United States. There’s just far too much demand for engineering talent, and our schools are simply not producing anywhere near the number of graduates we need to fill these positions. Heck, I […]

Extroverted Developer #19 – Brian Guthrie

This week Ben and I talk with Thoughtworks developer Brian Guthrie about learning computer science, agile development and Test Driven Development. Show Notes Khan Academy revamped CS program Inventing on Principle Steve Yeggie’s Conservative vs Liberal programmers rant Jonathan Haidt on the moral mind. (conservatives vs liberals on morality, very insightful) Jim offer’s up that […]

Extroverted Developer #18 – Gayle Laakmann McDowell

This week Ben and I talk with Author, Entrepreneur and owner of, former Google hiring committee member Gayle Laakmann McDowell about her two books: Cracking the Coding Interview and The Google Resume about how to get a job at the big tech companies Show Notes Interview preparation for Software Engineers looking to get into […]

Extroverted Developer #17 – 2TonStudios

This week Ben and I talk with indy game developer 2TonStudios about their new iOS game: Ninjaboy Show Notes Why program video games? Performance and how video games are the indy 500 of programming Carmack’s Keynote Optimizing the challenge curve. Why choose Unity? Tried MonoTouch and MonoGame for the initial port from Windows Phone 7 […]

Git p4 alias on Windows

Because this information is apparently not available anywhere on the internet I’m going to write it here: git config —global alias.p4 !‘“C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\”’ Please note that it’s single quote, then double quote, and closes double quote, single quote Or inside your .gitconfig this is what it should look like: [alias] p4 = !’C:\Program Files […]