Extroverted Developer #3 – Jared Parsons

On this week’s episode Ben and I talk with Jared Parsons, a lead developer at Microsoft working in Developer Tools division (Visual Studio). Author of the very popular (and free) VsVim extension for Visual Studio 2010 and #10 on Stack Overflow in total rep.

Show Notes

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Shameless name drops

Pro Tips

  • Jared: git stash (as mentioned on hearding code #132)
  • Jim: Visual Studio Multi-targeting
  • Ben: f.lux



NY Tech Meetup: SOPA/PIPA Protest Edition

Today while internet websites were going black, I attended the NY Tech Meetup emergency session located on the streets of New York.  Right outside of Senator Schumer’s office!

It was a fantastic turn out, and really great to see everyone rallying behind a common cause.  I don’t have any audio, because it turns out geeks are kinda quiet and shy.  Go figure.

I do have to say that Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian was incredibly well spoken and nice to all his geeky fans.

Episode #1

This is the first episode of a new series Tech and the City Extroverted Developer hosted by Jim Wallace and Ben Gundersen.

Being that this is the first podcast I’ve ever recorded and produced, there’s probably audio issues, additional ums and ahs that I didn’t edit out correctly and other issues with the quality in general.   Hope to fix these as we gain more experience in this medium.

Show Notes:



I’ve wanted to do a podcast since the term was coined, but I’ve never managed to find someone else who was willing to co-host with me or I was never able to narrow in on a topic that had enough content and I was very passionate about.  But that has all changed.

Extroverted Developer #1 – Hello World