Extroverted Developer #14 – Santos Cordon

Today Ben and I interview former Microsoftie turned Googler, Santos Cordon about programming.

Show Notes

  • How did you get into programming?
  • Learning about computers back in the dos/windows days
  • Ti Calculator programming.
  • How did you get to Microsoft?
  • Your work on Office
  • What brought you to NY?
  • The most important thing for an individual developer’s quality is actually using the software.
  • Interviewing and what it can tell you about a company.
  • How would you interview developers for your own company?
  • Design patterns and over engineering.
  • Software Engineering practices in general.
  • Writing services vs writing shrink wrap software.



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  2. Good catch! It should be fixed now. Not sure what happened there. Thanks for the heads up!

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