Extroverted Developer #15

This week Ben and I riff on some news stories along with friend and ZocDoc developer, Jeremy Kimball.

Show Notes

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  • Device independent pixels and the ‘rem’ unit in CSS/HTML. As well as device independent pixels in WPF, and Android development.
  • Craigslist takes down pad mapper
  • Ben and I disagree on whether Craigslist a net good, or evil in the world?
  • Profits per employee for various companies
  • I talk about a specific company that took the pivoting of lean startup too far and actually abandoned customers who paid money too quickly.
  • CityMaps has had a big release, and everyone should go check out the new layout and city’s available



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  1. Thanks! I think you'll really like the next two shows we have in the pipe as well 🙂

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