Extroverted Developer #16 – Chris Smith

This week Ben and I get a chance to geek out with Chris Smith, author of Programming F#, about the recently completed second edition. Chris is a former SDET on the Microsoft F# team, and currently works for Google on developer tools.

Show Notes

  • Lots of stuff about F#
  • History of functional programming
  • What are monads?
  • What are you doing at the Google?
  • Google closure compiler *terrible name, has nothing to do with ‘Closure’ on the JVM




Git p4 alias on Windows

Because this information is apparently not available anywhere on the internet I’m going to write it here:

git config —global alias.p4 !‘“C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git-p4.py”’

Please note that it’s single quote, then double quote, and closes double quote, single quote

Or inside your .gitconfig this is what it should look like:


p4 = !’C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git-p4.py’

This is with git 1.7.10.msysgit.1, on Windows 7 x64. YMMV on other configurations.

Extroverted Developer #15

This week Ben and I riff on some news stories along with friend and ZocDoc developer, Jeremy Kimball.

Show Notes

  • Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook by clicking the Like button on the side of the site
  • Device independent pixels and the ‘rem’ unit in CSS/HTML. As well as device independent pixels in WPF, and Android development.
  • Craigslist takes down pad mapper
  • Ben and I disagree on whether Craigslist a net good, or evil in the world?
  • Profits per employee for various companies
  • I talk about a specific company that took the pivoting of lean startup too far and actually abandoned customers who paid money too quickly.
  • CityMaps has had a big release, and everyone should go check out the new layout and city’s available