A week ago I did something I’ve always wanted to do. I launched my first iOS App.

Midly in action

It’s a simple app that solves a niche problem I was having: I wanted to see my friends more in real life.

However, as I’ve gotten older and have more responsibilities I’m finding planning small get togethers to be more cumbersome. My hope is that if it’s easier to do, I’ll do it more often.

This app helps with that by automating a few steps that had me juggling three windows/apps to find a place to meet up.

Step 1

Enter all the locations where people will be coming from. Add as many as you like. They can be contacts in your contact list, businesses, street addresses, a neighborhood, etc.

Step 2

Press the “meet in the middle” button and get place suggestions between everyone.

That’s it

You don’t even need to login. It’s FREE. I don’t track any data. No plans to make it a business. There are a few more features coming as I get time to add them. Check it out. Could be useful to people here if you do a lot of coffees with folks in diffferent places. I wish I’d had this back when I was dating.

As I write this I’ve just added another major feature that is waiting for App Store approval. The ability to save the groups you create and easily recall them in the future. This is a big step towards making this into the recurring dinner planning app of my dreams.